Don’t Let Spider Veins Compromise your Look, Look into Sclerotherapy

People may try to say that spider veins are less concerning than varicose veins because they are not painful, nor have they twisted ropes of pooled blood. Yuck. Yes, varicose veins are very concerning. Even if they don’t progress into a ropey mess, varicose veins can be cosmetically alarming and downright painful. However, spider veins […]

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Kybella NYC

Kybella Restores Contours to the Male Face

Since Kybella became available in the United States, treatments have not slowed down. In fact, the more men that are realizing they have the opportunity to take advantage of a non-surgical facial contouring treatment, the more calls we get. Submental fullness is not a cosmetic problem that only women concern themselves with. Many men who […]

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laser treatment NewYork

Could Jowls Just Go Away, Already?

Aging brings with it a host of advantages and disadvantages. We gain perspective and collect accomplishments, and then we notice that certain lines have become permanently embedded in the forehead, or we notice that our jaw line is slowly disappearing. There are numerous changes that occur across the face with age, and jowls are one […]

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It’s time to Trade Sweaters for Swimsuits. You know what that means!

Ah, we love when Spring is in the air! That means we can start to slough off those winter sweaters and start to plan our summer vacations. Mixed in with the excitement of seasonal changes, we often hear concerns related to the slight addition of a few pounds that has occurred with our patients. Not […]

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