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Could Jowls Just Go Away, Already?

Aging brings with it a host of advantages and disadvantages. We gain perspective and collect accomplishments, and then we notice that certain lines have become permanently embedded in the forehead, or we notice that our jaw line is slowly disappearing. There are numerous changes that occur across the face with age, and jowls are one […]

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It’s time to Trade Sweaters for Swimsuits. You know what that means!

Ah, we love when Spring is in the air! That means we can start to slough off those winter sweaters and start to plan our summer vacations. Mixed in with the excitement of seasonal changes, we often hear concerns related to the slight addition of a few pounds that has occurred with our patients. Not […]

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Options for Tighter Skin

Tighter facial and neck skin. At some point, most of us will crave the days when smooth, taut skin was the norm. In time, tight skin is transformed into sagging, crepey, wrinkled skin as the body becomes depleted of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and other components that heal the “wounds” of sun damage and biochemical […]

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