It’s time to Trade Sweaters for Swimsuits. You know what that means!

Swimsuit Season | Dr. Howard Sobel NYCAh, we love when Spring is in the air! That means we can start to slough off those winter sweaters and start to plan our summer vacations. Mixed in with the excitement of seasonal changes, we often hear concerns related to the slight addition of a few pounds that has occurred with our patients. Not to worry, fat-reduction has become increasingly easy in recent years. Here, we will discuss two common methods, and key points that stand out with the system we use in our Park Avenue Dermatology office, Vanquish.

So Cool, So Hot

One of the popular treatments to reduce circumference around the midsection, CoolScupting, targets fat cells with freezing temperatures. First of all, who wants to have tissue sucked between two panels of freezing temperature when we are just coming out of the cold winter months? It isn’t the perceived discomfort of CoolSculpting that causes many patients to keep looking, though, it’s the matter of the skin.

In many ways, CoolSculpting doesn’t differ much from the heat-based fat-reducing treatment offered in our NYC office. Both CoolSculpting and Vanquish, which we perform, target unwanted fat cells without too much disruption to surrounding cells (though frozen skin cells and nerves may take some time to stop tingling). Both processes cause progressive fat-reduction that becomes more visible as the months go by and cells are metabolized. But there are also differences that come down to heat verses cold.

Hot to Hotter

If you want to look hotter when the weather heats up, then now is the time to consider Vanquish or even liposuction. As we mentioned, it takes time for targeted fat cells to metabolize and exit the body. What patients may notice with this heat-based treatment, though, is that the skin overlying the treatment area tightens. The reason this may occur is that collagen strands that run beneath the skin contract when they are heated. Over the course of several Vanquish treatments, this may be noticeable and perfectly in line with the reduced waist size.

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