5 Unusual Uses for Botox

botox nyc | Dr. Sobel | Park Avenue Skin & SpaEveryone knows that Botox usually is for your face. You can tighten up muscles and fine lines and wrinkles in no time with just a simple injection. But there are many other uses for Botox these days. Some of them may surprise you.

Improve Your Eyesight

If your eyes are crossed or extra squinty, you may have poor eyesight that would be much better if you only could get rid of your problems. However, Botox can help fix this problem by weakening one of the eye muscles. It’s injected into the tight eye that is causing the strabismus. As the muscle relaxes, the weaker muscle is able to build up strength, and the eyes naturally realign themselves.

Shoo Away Those Migraines

A more recent development, Botox has been approved to treat migraines and severe headaches. It was a simple side effect at first; Botox patients just noticed that their migraines decreased in number and intensity after going through Botox for their skin. Now it is often used as a full-on headache treatment. While it will take a number of regular injections, Botox is a great way to control and manage migraines.

Stop the Sweat

Just as Botox helps your muscles relax by stopping the signals to the brain, it can also help you stop sweating by stopping your sweat glands from sending signals to the brain. If you suffer from excessive sweating, you can have Botox injected into your armpits, hands, or feet (where ever there is a problem), and the Botox will block the gland’s signals. This can work for up to 8 months before a reinjection is required.

Hair Rejuvenation

While it may sound crazy, some doctors believe that Botox injected into the scalp will cause hair to grow back. Many other treatments for hair loss only prevent further loss or require hair transplants. However, Botox might be able to help hair grow back almost on its own.

Hold Your Pee

If you suffer from urinary incontinence, it’s probably embarrassing, and you may feel like it’s a hopeless. However, Botox is now approved for injection into the bladder to help those with overactive bladders, MS, or spinal injuries to better control their bladders.

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