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Dermatology, Botox and Laser Surgery NYC | Dr. SobelTreating Your Skin

Dermatology, the study of the skin, is an important field as the baby boom generation reaches its older years. Countless hours spent in the sun coupled with the natural effects of aging show themselves on the skin. And boomers have always had a youthful bent, so it is no surprise that this generation, more than any before it, searches for ways to turn back the clock on facial aging.

That’s where the expertise of Dr. Howard Sobel comes into play. Dr. Sobel combines 30 years of dermatology experience with modern technology. His practice, Park Avenue Skin & Spa, provides the latest advances in dermatology, dermatologic cosmetic surgery, and progressive face and body treatments in one place. Staffed with a unique combination of physicians, medical assistants, registered nurses, and estheticians, Park Avenue Skin & Spa is a unique environment whose only focus is helping our patients look their best.


Botox – cosmetic care

Long-used for its muscle paralyzing effects in general health care, Botox was approved for aesthetic use in 2002 and has taken the world by storm. Each year, millions of Botox injections are delivered in the U.S. to reverse visible signs of aging on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes.

Botox works by blocking nerve signals to the muscles. Since muscles contract and form wrinkles on the skin above them when we perform normal actions such as smiling, the key to stopping those contractions (and their corresponding wrinkles) is to block the message to contract. This is the beauty of Botox. When injected in minute amounts in various locations, muscle contractions stop, along with the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Botox sessions take only 15 minutes and have no downtime, so patients can immediately return to work or their normal routine. Full results take from three days to a week to show themselves. Botox results last from three to six months, at which point another session is needed to maintain your results.


Laser resurfacing – skin lesions and sun damage treatment

The popularity of laser skin resurfacing is increasing right along with the technology used. One of the newest developments is the Aurora Laser. This state-of-the-art laser uses a combination of light and radiofrequency energies to yield better results with a lower energy output.

Beyond the Aurora Laser, at Park Avenue Skin & Spa, we use a variety of other lasers for various skin conditions and aesthetic goals — from the Clear and Brilliant Laser to the Excel V Laser — and we constantly stay abreast of any new developments in laser resurfacing.

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