Lip Injections: The Points you may not Know

lip augmentation | Park Avenue Skin & Spa Dr. SobelMillions of women and even thousands of men visit their trusted injector for lip augmentation each year. Not wanting to step into the permanence of actual lip implants, these patients can get the best of both worlds: better, more kissable lips and no down-time after treatment. You may know that lip injections can add volume where it has been lost, or improve definition where there never was any, but you may not know this . . .

  • To get the results you want from lip augmentation with dermal fillers, you need to see a skilled practitioner. The magic is not in the product itself but the artistry of injections. In fact, every clinician may use a slightly different technique or a combination of products. There is no singular way to get the job done right.
  • Getting the job done right does not necessarily mean that we make you look just like Ms. B or Kim Kardashian. For your lips to look their most beautiful, they need to be at home on your face. So while we are happy to see pictures of your favorite celeb, we want to create a look that is just for you.
  • To make your lips look just as you’d like them, and as a central and beautiful feature on your face, we personalize treatment to your preferences and facial structure. It may be that only one lip, or one side of the mouth, needs to be treated to get the desired appearance.
  • Fake? That’s not in the cards for your lip augmentation with fillers! Sure, there may be a bit of swelling that lasts a day or two (so be patient while you look for your final results), but once the HA filler has integrated into your tissues, your lips will be soft and kissable.
  • Bruising is a possibility, so prepare for your treatment by avoiding blood-thinning medications like aspirin. Also, because side effects are difficult to predict, do not schedule your lip injections within a few days of a special event. Give yourself a good week to completely “recover.”
  • The results of lip injections can last from 4 to 6 months. That is if you want them to. If for whatever reason, the appearance of your plumped lips is not something you can get used to, all is not lost. Hyaluronic acid can be dissolved with injections of hyaluronidase, a particular enzyme.

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