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Often, when a woman has wanted to enhance a part of her body, she has had to consider permanent changes, i.e. implants. For some time, this was true even when the body part was the lips. Today, lip augmentation is incredibly popular. We see evidence in just about every magazine and reality television show, such as the real housewives of New York. If you are interested and prettying up your pout, know that you need not commit to permanent lip implants if that is not your preference.  Using the appropriate soft tissue fillers, we can help you achieve the most beautiful, most natural looking results.

What you need to know about lip enhancement

There are things that lip augmentation can do, and things that it can’t; rather, things you may not want it to. On a cosmetic level, the intent of lip enhancement is to bring out better definition and prominence. Neither should be so obvious that you look like you got kissed from the far end of a vacuum. If the size and shape of your lips causes you to feel self-conscious, this procedure may be beneficial for you. Whether it is your upper lip that is thin or it is that both lips have lost fullness that you once enjoyed, we are happy to help you regain feelings of confidence in your facial aesthetic. View our before & after photo gallery to see some of our patients’ results.

Benefits of Temporary Fillers

There are several reasons why dermal fillers are popular for wrinkle reduction and volumizing the face. Currently, the filler of choice for lip augmentation is one formulated with hyaluronic acid. This is because the natural sugar compound plumps and contours by binding to water molecules. The effects are immediately visible. This enables us to perfect the shape of the lips, and avoid overfilling. Over time, this acid product gradually breaks down. However, many people notice that the increase production of fibroblasts increases the longevity of results from each session.

There are numerous ways to bring out beauty in your facial features. We have the training and experience that is trusted by men and women throughout our fine city. Call 212-288-0060 for your consultation.

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