3 Ways Your Age May Be a Dead Giveaway

Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures New York CityThe topic of age, especially among women, has long been a bit taboo. We don’t ask, and we don’t like to tell, for the most part. But, oh! how sweet it is when someone guesses we are much younger than our birthday cake reflects. There are clear advantages to managing the signs of aging, and many, many reasons why men and women seek treatments that help them do just that. If you have an interest in turning back the clock, make sure that there are no hidden signs that are giving away your age.

  1. Your neck. We go so far to remove lines and wrinkles on the face; we may as well look a little lower. Everyone else will, so we should, too. There are bands that run horizontally across the front of the neck. As collagen depletion occurs over time, these bands start to droop. When they do, the skin goes with them. Horizontal lines and creases may be lessened with Botox or other injectables for the short term. Longer lasting results may be achieved with laser or light treatments and maintained with microneedling or other, gentler techniques.
  2. Your hands. You may remember your grandmother’s or grandfather’s hands as they age. Your parent’s hands, or maybe even your own, may be starting to resemble them. Just like volume is lost in the mid face with age, it is also depleted on the backs of the hands. When this happens, veins and tendons become more obvious and ropy. In addition to keeping the hands moisturized and protected from UV damage, it is possible to manage to age with dermatologic treatments. Dermal fillers provide immediate hand rejuvenation, while light and laser treatments can promote long-term results.
  3. Your brows. The eyebrows are an essential aspect of facial symmetry. When they are pulled downward, we look tired and angry. Fortunately, the sagging brow line is one of the easiest concerns to correct. A brief Botox (or Dysport or Xeomin) treatment lifts the brow for months at a time.

As we all learn in time, fine lines and wrinkles are just the beginning of aesthetic aging. Call 212-288-0060 to obtain the treatment you need to feel like your most attractive self.


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