50 and Fabulous. Yes! The two can Coexist!

50 and Older | Dr. Howard Sobel NYCThere is no denying the fact that we are living longer, and also no denying that the older we get, the more concerns we have related to our appearance. Some of the toughest years of transition are right in the middle, from 40 on up. Turning 50 is paramount to a woman’s journey through life, and it may bring with it new issues related to her specific age.

The cosmetic changes that occur starting at the age of 40 do not have to mean that you are no longer fabulous. Yes, you will get older. Yes, you will develop a few new lines here and there. But there is a lot that can be done to manage your appearance. We know that you do not want to look like you’re twenty, but 50 is the new 40 (or 30), so you may as well maximize what’s available to you.

The Secret Weapon is not a Secret Anymore

The Secret Weapon that has long been the norm among celebrities is plastic surgery. Everything from nose jobs to brow lifts and neck lifts to full facelifts has enabled much of Hollywood and beyond to stay young on the outside. According to statistics, this is catching on. About one-quarter of the cosmetic procedures performed today are in patients aged 50 and older. There is no reason not to consider cosmetic surgery if it helps you feel better about your appearance. However, there are other options, too, and they can be quite effective at smoothing the wrinkles in your anti-aging plan.

Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows

You may have heard this saying uttered by your favorite motivational speaker time and time again. It’s true, perhaps in more ways than you imagine. Regarding aesthetics, it is the eyes that get a lot of attention. It is also the eyes that may age first, or fastest. This is why many of the procedures performed on aging adults revolve around the eye or brow rejuvenation. The good news is, it is possible to focus on the eyes and reveal your inner energy, without surgery.

Dr. Sobel is renowned for his work with injectable solutions like Botox and dermal fillers. If you are ready to rejuvenate your aging eyes, but not ready for surgery, contact our Park Avenue office. A quick treatment will have you feeling as fresh as the Spring air!


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