Aging and the Spots it Brings

Clear And Brilliant Laser nycAge spots. The name itself lends to the perception that splotchy, spotted skin is just par for the course as we get up there in years. In truth, age spots really have very little to do with the aging process at all. The primary cause of these areas of discoloration is sun exposure, and this occurs just as much here in NYC as it does on the California Coast. Just look at the areas that become problematic – the backs of the hands, the cheeks, chest, and arms.

The areas that are exposed to the sun most frequently are areas in which melanin is produced in excess. The evidence of UVA radiation does not occur immediately, though. It happens over years, sometimes decades, which is a good reason to consider this type of sun damage as an age-related problem.

Something to Live With?

Most of us can remember the appearance of a beloved grandparent’s – or parent’s – hands, arms, and chest. Our ancestors would call these markings “liver spots.” The older one became, the more spots he or she may display, as if one would encourage another, and another, and so on. Just a few decades ago, age spots were a condition that was accepted as a part of aging. Not anymore. Today, men and women are staying more active than ever before. They are remaining in their professional careers, or on the dating scene, and they want their inner vitality to shine through. Here are a few ways that age spots can be done away with.

Treatments for Sun Damaged Skin

There are several ways to diminish the appearance of age spots due to sun damage. It is important to remember that, once treatment has been completed and the skin looks bright and vibrant, it should be protected with the daily use of sunscreen, as well as nourishing skin care.

  • Treatments such as Clear + Brilliant, Aurora laser, or the eTwo laser reduce brown spots and other signs of sun damage.
  • Products with hydroquinone progressively lighten brown spots.
  • Depending on the nature of the brown spot, liquid nitrogen may be used.

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