A Quick Change Before the Holiday Season

Botox NYC | Manhattan NYWe are once again coming up on a time of year when we all tend to become more aware of our appearance. The problem with the holiday season is that this awareness coincides with a heck of a lot more busy-ness than we may encounter through the rest of the year. Fortunately, a visit to our Park Avenue office can lead to the quick change you need without taking much time out of your life.

Our Cosmetic Treatments

Some of the cosmetic treatments that can dramatically improve appearance include:

  1. BOTOX®.  Most people know BOTOX Cosmetic as a powerful wrinkle-reducer. This injectable is often used to ease the appearance of frown lines that create an angry look. What may be equally as impressive is the effect that BOTOX can have on the mouth, allowing downturned corners to lighten up or the jaw to relax. To maximize injectable treatment, many of our patients schedule a liquid facelift before the holidays. The combination of BOTOX and dermal fillers can create substantial change, such as a lifted brow and fuller cheeks.
  2. Lip augmentation. The mouth is just as crucial to our vibe as our eyes. A flat, thin smile line is not one that portrays friendliness. On the contrary, a “tight-lipped” person may appear to be angry, serious, and rather aggressive. Adding fullness to the lips takes only a few minutes with an experienced injector. In our NYC office, lip augmentation occurs after careful selection of the most appropriate dermal filler. Patients get to enjoy immediate results.
  3. Liposuction is discussed for its value in reducing waist circumference or hip-size. We often forget that this simple fat-reducing procedure can also quickly improve the appearance of the face. One of the common areas on which liposuction is performed is the neck, which tends to appear fuller as we age and lose the support of skin-firming collagen.

Park Avenue Skin & Spa is an excellent resource for men and women of New York City who want a wide selection of services from which to choose. With personal attention, our staff helps you reach the appearance you desire. For more information, call 212-288-0060.

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