Restoring Hair with your own Growth Hormones

Hair Growth | Dr. Howard Sobel NYCHair loss is no laughing matter, regardless of how many jokes are made about this condition. Men and women affected by hair loss or diffuse thinning are at risk of losing their confidence, and we want to help our patients avoid this as much as possible. That is why Dr. Sobel offers Platelet Rich Plasma treatments for hair loss in our NYC office. Here, we will discuss how PRP works and what can be expected of this innovative method of hair restoration.

What is PRP for hair loss?

Scientific studies have demonstrated the capabilities of blood products in tissue healing and, now, in the treatment of hair loss. It is not the blood itself that is used to promote regeneration; it is the mesenchymal stem cells that are present in the platelets of blood. This therapeutic treatment has been used worldwide for more than 20 years, in fields such as orthopedics and sports medicine. We are pleased to see the benefits that PRP can bring to individuals with cosmetic concerns. When used for hair loss, platelet-rich plasma excites the stem cells within hair follicles. The hope is that this stimulation will prompt entry into the active growth phase and that new hair growth will be noticed within a short time.

What to Expect

PRP treatment is straightforward and takes a few, short office visits.

  • In a private treatment room, a routine blood-draw will be performed after a brief discussion reviewing the desired treatment area.
  • The blood that is drawn is “spun-down” in a centrifuge machine. Within about 10 minutes, this spinning separates the desired substance, blood platelets, from blood cells.
  • While blood is being processed, the topical anesthetic is applied to the scalp to slightly numb sensations.
  • Prepared blood platelets are injected just beneath the skin across the predetermined treatment areas.
  • Some patients experience slight redness and swelling, or a brief post-treatment headache due to injections. However, there is no downtime for recovery. You can resume normal activities immediately.
  • Follow-up treatments (usually 2 or 3) are scheduled 4-6 weeks apart.

Currently, PRP for hair loss is approached with caution regarding claims for complete hair restoration. The technique is often used as an adjunct to other treatments, such as topical or oral medication.

Learn more about hair restoration with PRP. Call our New York City office at 212-288-0060.




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