Kybella Restores Contours to the Male Face

Kybella for Men NYC | Park Avenue Skin & SpaSince Kybella became available in the United States, treatments have not slowed down. In fact, the more men that are realizing they have the opportunity to take advantage of a non-surgical facial contouring treatment, the more calls we get. Submental fullness is not a cosmetic problem that only women concern themselves with. Many men who are discerning about their personal and professional image want to restore the masculine angles of their jaw line, and now they can.

Meeting the Needs of the Male Face

Definition and sharpness are two characteristics that are typically associated with masculine physical features. When fatty deposits accumulate beneath the chin, this definition may be completely lost. This is especially true in the shirt-and-tie situation. Double chin fat is not an indicator of excessive weight at all, but it can create that illusion when one views the face. All we know is that men, like their female counterparts, can become consumed with self-consciousness about this aesthetic problem – and we know we can help them.

The FDA has approved Kybella specifically for the destruction of submental fullness. The deoxycholic acid drug is administered across the chin and upper neck in some small injections. The solution that is introduced penetrates fat cells, dismantling their structure over several weeks’ time. At first, fullness beneath the chin may feel as though it has increased; this is the swelling of fat cells that have absorbed the acid. As the 4th week after treatment approaches, we will have a good idea of the percentage of improvement that has been gained.

Results vary from one person to another, with men typically needing 3 to 5 treatments to achieve the desired outcome. We schedule these approximately 4 weeks apart to best observe progress.

An Important Detail

We understand how disruptive double-chin fat can be to confidence. Before performing Kybella treatment, we conduct a thorough evaluation of skin laxity. It is important that we ensure the best possible outcome by discussing the potential for excess skin once the fat has been eliminated since Kybella does not tighten the skin. Not to worry, non-surgical skin tightening may be scheduled here in our office as a follow-up to Kybella.

Is your double-chin affecting your sense of self? Let’s send it packing! Call our Park Avenue office at 212-288-0060.

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