Get Ready for Summer with Tips for Laser Hair Removal

Most adults grow hair in places they would prefer it not to be. Shaving, threading, plucking, and waxing are popular forms of removal, though each only produces temporary results. For many people, hair removal is something they do at least once a day, taking up valuable time and creating frustration at the extraordinary rate of growth. If you are tired of spending your valuable time getting rid of unwanted hair, there is good reason to consider laser hair removal in our New York City dermatology and laser surgery practice.

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In the past decade, we have seen enormous growth in the area of laser technology in aesthetic medicine. Laser hair removal rids you of unwanted hair for years at a time. After your very first treatment, you will have smooth skin that you love. Most people achieve lasting results in six to twelve treatments. After this time, only periodic touch ups are needed to maintain hair-free skin on the arms, back, bikini area, legs, or other body part.

While the laser devices used to remove hair have improved a great deal, there are certain tips that can make your process more efficient and more comfortable.

  • Avoid tanning during your laser hair removal process. While newer devices have greater capabilities across a variety of skin tones, maximum results still come from the hair’s ability to absorb laser light. When skin is much darker than the hairs within follicles, it may take longer to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Shave, don’t pluck. Because laser treatments are scheduled weeks apart, there is a chance that stubble will show at some point. It is acceptable to shave. However, hair should not be pulled from the follicle. For laser treatment to work, there must be hair to absorb light.
  • Protect the skin. Moisturizing is always important, even more so when you are undergoing laser treatments. Your dermatologist can discuss appropriate moisturizers for your needs. Typically, it is recommended to use a non-scented, hypo-allergenic moisturizer to keep skin from excessive drying.

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