Reasons to Put Laser Skin Resurfacing on your Fall To-Do List

Laser Skin Resurfacing Manhattan NYC | Dr. Howard SobelDue to the plethora of skin-enhancing treatments that are available today, it is easy to overlook a few. When we want to reduce the signs of aging, we most often think first about the latest, greatest injectable; either that, or we go to old faithful, usually Botox and our favorite dermal filler. Here at Park Avenue Skin & Spa, we know there is much more to looking good than smoothing lines and wrinkles. This is why we want to discuss laser resurfacing and why you may want to schedule your treatment this fall.

We offer several laser treatments to achieve outstanding results. Here, we’ll focus on the AcuPulse CO2 laser treatment and its benefits. AcuPulse laser skin resurfacing is micro-ablative, creating tiny columns across the tissue of the face and neck. Fractionalized points of laser light penetrate superficial tissue to provoke collagen rebuilding below the surface. Because tiny channels are made, healing is much faster and more comfortable than traditional CO2 resurfacing.

Benefits of Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing include:

  • Long-lasting results. Laser treatments remove surface cells and promote ongoing suppleness by supporting strong, healthy collagen for several months at a time. Many patients schedule touch ups on an annual basis to stay ahead of the aging process.
  • Adjustable settings enable us to treat a range of concerns. From blemishes to large pores to fine lines and wrinkles and discoloration, there isn’t much that doesn’t improve with effective laser skin resurfacing.
  • Convenient treatment. Non-surgical treatments are appealing for obvious reasons. However, fractional laser resurfacing goes above and beyond with minimal side effects and comfortable treatment. Patients may feel a slight sting and heat during treatment, but we can employ the power of cooling and numbing creams to support the most comfortable experience. Following treatment, the skin may slightly red for a day or two, but no real downtime is needed.

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Our medical and cosmetic dermatology office is located on Park Avenue just a few blocks from Central Park. We respect the fact that our patients lead busy lives, and we work hard to maximize time in the office with thorough information and efficient care.

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