Thinking of Rejuvenating your Skin with Laser Treatment? Here’s What you Should Know!

The effects of time, stress, and evlaser Skin Resurfacingen fun in the sun are often first noticed in the delicate skin around the eyes and the face. Using innovative laser technologies, physicians like Dr. Sobel reinstate the appearance of youthfulness that fosters feelings of self-confidence. The numerous laser resurfacing devices that equip our practice can achieve a varying degree of results. In order to choose the right treatment for your needs and expectations, we also consider the effects of UV exposure after laser therapies.

How Laser Resurfacing Works

There are several goals that can be achieved with laser skin resurfacing. Depending on the desired outcome, we will suggest a modality and a certain number of treatments. There are two ways in which laser devices treat the skin. First, the light from the device has an exfoliating effect that causes old, damaged cells to flake away. More intense laser resurfacing essentially vaporizes these tissues during the treatment process itself. Additionally, thermal energy also penetrates deeper tissues, where it causes the proliferation of beneficial collagen. Results of this increase occur gradually in the months following treatment.

How Laser Resurfacing Affects the Skin

The obvious effects of laser skin resurfacing are redness and, depending on intensity, swelling and flaking. Patients who do not want downtime may experience such side effects only for a few days, if at all. However, skin cells both on and below the surface do respond to laser energy. Understanding this, you are able to protect yourself from unwanted problems after your treatment.

Primarily, it is the photosensitivity that occurs subsequent to laser resurfacing that must be considered. While it may be possible to rejuvenate the skin with lasers during the summer months, it is vital to prepare yourself for the added protective measure you need to take on a daily basis. Photosensitivity can remain for several months, even up to a year, which means that you are more prone to sunburn as well as hidden damage that will show up later in the form of brown spots or other hyperpigmentation.

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