It’s Winter! Has your Skin Care Changed?

Skin care New York, NYThe way that we care for our skin has a direct influence on how we look as we age. While there are a number of professional treatments that can now help us retain a more youthful aesthetic, there is really no replacement for a good skin care routine. Like everything in life, this is something that will change from time to time. By that, we don’t mean from your 20’s to your 50’s. The skin is under ongoing attack from a several sources, including the weather. That means that skin care should change, at the very least, from one season to another.

Winter Worries

Winter worries in our neck of the woods may seem much larger than how we are going to make sure our skin does not chafe and crack. While there are, in fact, pressing concerns related to New York winters, there is still a great opportunity to pamper winterized skin. The primary complaint our patients express as the weather cools is dryness. This is because dry winter air leaches moisture from the epidermis. The frequent use of hand sanitizer or frequency of hand-washing exacerbates dry skin on the hands. To reduce the long-term effects of winter weather, we suggest that our patients switch to denser skin care products until the weather becomes kinder to the skin. Emollient ingredients are beneficial, as they seal in moisture. Apply ingredients such as cocoa butter or shea butter after each shower for maximum impact. Also, speak with your aesthetician about facial cleansers and moisturizers to get you through the harshest winter.

Sliding into Summer

How you will care for your skin in the summer may be the farthest thing from your mind at the moment. According to experts, the winter months are a great time to start thinking ahead. When we wait until we are headed out to the pool or park, we may reach for the most convenient sunscreen, trusting the packaging to tell us we are protected. Research shows that sunscreen products do, in fact, vary in their efficiency. Think about sun protection now so you can slide right into summer.

Aging is one of the most persistent factors in how our skin changes. The team at Park Avenue Skin & Spa is here to help you address your unique needs with the latest rejuvenating treatments. Call our NYC dermatology office at 212-288-0060.


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