Call out the Collagen with some Easy Tips

laser treatment | Dr. Sobel | Park Avenue Skin & Spa NYCCollagen. We are well aware of its value, especially when it comes to preserving the youthfulness of the skin even in light of the natural aging process. We consult with a number of men and women in our NYC dermatology office about concerns related to the lack of collagen production, and what can be done to mitigate the effects of frayed, stressed collagen fibers. Here, we will spell out a few of the simple tips you can follow to support collagen production before and after professional treatment at Park Avenue Skin & Spa.

Fuel the Body, Feed the Skin

There are seemingly endless benefits to a healthy diet, and glowing skin is just one of them. In addition to helping you fight disease and weight gain, leafy greens and fruits loaded with vitamin C also support collagen production. Go ahead and add those orange slices into your salad! They will deliver antioxidants into your body to fight against the free radicals that age you prematurely!

Food isn’t the only fuel for the body that also supports youthful skin. Water is also vital to the life and wellness of each cell. Providing adequate hydration means sipping on water throughout the day; it’s that easy. Just don’t fall for the idea that any liquid equates to hydration. Some of the common beverages (eh hem, coffee!) that are consumed can have the opposite effect.

Go the Extra Mile

As age takes hold, it becomes necessary to go the extra mile. Actually, many of our patients add professional treatments into their routine long before the signs of aging become troublesome. Doing so can mean more time without concerning lines and wrinkles.

Going the extra mile may include seeing us for microneedling, Clear + Brilliant laser treatment, or a more advanced modality for skin rejuvenation. It can also mean giving your skin a little extra TLC at home. As counterproductive as it may seem, a gentle massage to the cheeks, forehead, and jaw line can promote healthy circulation, muscle memory, and collagen production. Just be sure to apply an oil or cream to help your fingers move along the skin without pulling.

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