Mitigating Sun Damage

Laser Treatments New York CityYou may not consider yourself a sun-worshipper, but that doesn’t mean you’re not susceptible to UV damage and the lasting effects it can have on your skin. Any amount of time in the sun, even that brief jaunt to run errands or that run through the park could mean that the uppermost layers of dermal tissue are absorbing UVA and UVB. At some point, there is a cumulative effect. This typically shows up as spots, diffuse redness, and smoothness on the arms, chest, neck, and face.

UV damage can be just as aging as fine lines, wrinkles, and jowls (and can also play into the worsening of those concerns). Here, we look at what you can do to keep sun damage from going too far and to reverse sun damage that is aging your skin.


Prescriptions for Retin-A cream continue to fly out of doctor’s offices around the country. Men and women who want to support collagen production and minimize the signs of aging have learned that retinol creams, especially prescription strength topical creams, increase the firmness of the skin and work continually toward the exfoliation that is necessary to maintain brightness and tone. Retinol creams normalize cell turnover on the molecular level. Regular use promotes healthier, smoother skin year after year.

Depending on the depth of UV damage, topical creams may have minimal effect on dark spots or other pigment concerns. While retinol ingredients are beneficial, they may better serve as a complement to therapeutic sun damage treatment. In our Park Avenue Dermatology and skin spa facility, that may mean lasers.

Laser treatments for Sun Damage

We are proud to serve patients’ needs through an extensive collection of therapeutic devices and techniques. For UV damage, we often turn to the Aurora laser, which affects superficial tissue with multiple forms of energy. The laser light that streams from the applicator dissolves pigmented lesions, and vascular lesions like, while bi-polar radio frequency sends intense pulses of light toward age and sun spots, freckles, and other imperfections.

Just like lines, wrinkles, and sagging, sun damage creates an aged appearance. Reversing sun damage has never been easier. To learn more about your treatment options, call 212-288-0060.


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