3 Reasons You Should Reduce Stress

Girl-at-beachAre you feeling stressed or anxious? Stress is, unfortunately, a common problem. Short bouts of stress in high-stakes situations are intended to help you focus and stay energized in crucial moments, but chronic stress takes a serious toll on your appearance, and your health. There are a few important reasons to reduce stress:

1. Stress Leaves You Susceptible To Illness

When you feel stressed, your body focuses on fight or flight and short term survival. This is great if you’re actually in a life or death situation, but if you aren’t you need all the other parts of your body to keep working well. Instead, when you are stressed your immune system becomes weaker because your body is trying to handle short-term danger instead of keeping you healthy long term. This means that when you are stressed you have less ability to fight off infection and illness. You may get sick more often, or existing problems like headaches or back pain may become worse.

2. Chronic Stress Is Hard On The Cardiovascular System

Chronic stress also wears out your cardiovascular system—your heart and your blood vessels. This leaves you more vulnerable to heart problems, blood pressure issues, and other serious health problems. People with chronic stress are more at risk for heart disease, strokes, and heart attacks.

3. Stress Can Take A Toll On Your Appearance

There is a close connection between being healthy and looking your best. When you are stressed out, you don’t eat as well, you don’t usually get enough sleep, and you may not have the energy you need to take care of yourself. This can leave you not only feeling worse, but looking worse. You may have dark circles under your eyes or you may gain unhealthy weight around your abdomen.

Tips For Reducing Stress

Stress doesn’t have to ruin your health and your appearance. Take steps to keep stress at bay:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Say no when you don’t have time for new projects or social engagements
  • Spend time with loved ones
  • Take a walk outside on your lunch break
  • Give yourself a day off once in awhile
  • Get a massage to ease tension throughout your body

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