Aesthetic Surgeons: Doctors or Sculptors?

There are some great developments being made in the medical field of aesthetic procedures. Some require surgery; others do not. Whatever the process, doctors are now able to find new, innovative, and even revolutionary techniques to reshape and correct the body’s physical appearance.

Most of society has always been skeptical and prudential about these practices. It’s a big risk to go under the knife simply to look better, especially when there is a chance of later looking in the mirror with everlasting regret. Between uninviting irreversibility and high costs, aesthetic surgery has always had the stigma of being for unhappy, rich people. These procedures have simply been inaccessible to the general public.

Over the years, though, these practices have become—and are continuously still beomcing—increasingly safe. Surgeons are more reliable. But, understandably enough, much of society is still not quite sure how to feel or act. There is, however, a new special treatment that has caught the world’s attention: Sculptra.

Sculptra is an injection that combats the signs of facial fat loss. It restores skin volume that might have been lost due to the aging process. Lifted cheeks, pleasant jaw contouring, or highlighted eyes are all possible aesthetic results of this new technique. It is essentially a new version of a face lift.

The process is actually quite similar to the way a sculptor would polish a rock mold into a beautiful statue but inverted. Instead of consistently eroding the rock, surgeons performing this procedure add mass to the mold in order to achieve your desired shape. It is a work of art in and of itself!

Sculptra has many other features that make it an attractive option for beauty treatment. Its main component is alpha hydroxyl acid, a safe genetic product artificially created by specialized doctors in laboratories. It can be used in the human body without causing any injuries or unpleasant side effects, while also being biodegradable.

If you have wondered about aesthetic surgery or treatments, but have always been too skeptical to actually take the plunge, come talk to us about your options with Sculptra!


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