Don’t Let your Skin Falter this Fall!

fall skin careAh, Fall! The months of time during which we watch the leaves turn, then flutter to the ground like richly-colored flowers. We reach for the comfort of our favorite hoodie, and look forward to our daily Pumpkin Spice Latte. Every person has their own favorite aspects of Fall. At the same time, every person may also suffer ever-so-slightly if their skin care routine isn’t keeping up with their dermatologic needs. Especially in our neck of the woods, modifying what we do with our skin is a necessity, not a luxury. Here’s why . . .

Skin becomes parched

It could seem like skin would become dry like an over-baked cookie by sitting poolside throughout the summer months. While this is true, it does not overshadow the fact that cooler weather tends to mean dryer weather. And dryer weather means your skin has new needs. If these needs are not met, premature aging could be the result, not to mention increased sensitivity and chapping. Everything from your facial skin to your lips to your hands and feet will cry out for a denser, more moisturizing cream starting right about now. Ditch the lightweight lotion until next summer, and give your skin the extra barrier it needs from the cold weather to come.

Summer sun damage is lurking just beneath the surface

Whatever your summertime habits, you can pretty much count on the fact that UVA radiation has been absorbed into your skin. It doesn’t take much time in the sun for damage to occur. This can leave you looking dull or even wrinkled and discolored. There are several ways to resolve the issues of summer. Our patients can benefit from laser and light treatments, chemical peels, and other innovative technology.

Sun damage is still possible

Just because summer has passed and we are headed for the Winter months does not mean that your skin is not still vulnerable. In fact, research shows that we could do more harm in the Fall, simply because we perceive that our risk for sun damage is lower. It’s not. Keep using that sunscreen!

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