It’s not a Genie in a Bottle, it’s a Facelift in a Syringe!

faceliftOh, to have our own pretty little Genie in a bottle; the things we could do! Ask many men and women today, and one of the common themes you may hear them wish for is a more youthful appearance. It isn’t vanity that is driving us; it is the natural inclination to hold on to our inner vibrancy, or at least to hold on to the outward appearance that reflects it. You may feel wonderful on the inside, but when you look in the mirror you are faced with a face that doesn’t look like your face at all.

What has Happened to your Face?

There is a very interesting change that occurs in the body as we age; the structures that lie beneath the skin on the face and other body parts, too, all shrink down. They get smaller, flatter, flabbier with every passing year. At the same time, the overlying skin does not change. If anything, it, too becomes more delicate because it is not nourished with collagen as it once was. You know that old saying “there’s nowhere to go but up?” Ya. That doesn’t apply to our skin. Without the support from fat, muscle, and bone, the skin falls. And when it does, we look older than we would like.

Tighten or Volumize, that is the Question

Historically, the facial changes that accompany aging have been managed in the face lift procedure. On its own, however, face lifting is no more than pulling up and out on the skin that is there, and removing any excess. Looking back at why the face ages, this approach does not seem to address the real issue at hand, which is the loss of volume beneath sagging skin. For this reason, a liquid facelift sounds a lot better to many of our patients.

It is fullness that we associate with youthful features, not tautness. Dermal fillers have been developed for this very purpose; to restore volume to areas of the face such as the cheeks, chin, jaw line, and under the eyes. What is wonderful about the liquid facelift approach is that there is no downtime and very little, if any, side effects at all.

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