Skin Care Tips you May be Overlooking

skin care nyc | winter skin care new york cityWhen we get into the thick of winter, our skin care routine may revolve around hydrating deeply depleted skin. The cold air outside is not offset by the heated air inside; one only exacerbates the drying effects of the other. Once we transition from winter to spring and spring to summer, discussion turns to topics like the importance of sunscreen. There are pressing dermatologic needs, and then there are those that are consistent that also need some attention. This is what we want to look at today.

Clean the Screen

Many people use their Smartphone primarily for social media and texting. In the rare even that you talk on your cell, you may not be pleased to know what you’re up against – literally. Studies suggest that cell phone screens harbor extraordinary amounts of bacteria. When those unseen microorganisms meet your skin, they latch on. Cleaning your cell phone screen is easy. Just wipe it clean with a cloth sprayed with alcohol, or use a pre-soaked wipe made for eyeglasses or computer screens.

Exfoliate, but not too much!

Exfoliation is necessary because, on most people, old skin cells do not slough off as quickly as they did when they were young. The best way to exfoliate is to schedule it. Do this only a few times a week if you are using a stronger product, daily if you are using a gentle product with alpha hydroxy acid or vitamin C. Better yet, talk with your dermatologist to find out the exfoliation routine that would best serve your unique needs!

Know about Expiration Dates

Most things today have an expiration date. Milk stays good only for a week or so. A computer may have an expiration date several years in the future. Your skin care products are typically packaged to be used within a few months’ time. Look at expiration dates, and adhere to them. Using an outdated moisturizer or cosmetic product could mean that you are inadvertently putting your skin at risk for inflammation or infection caused by bacteria.

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