Things to Try in 2017

Microneedling | Dr. Sobel | Park Avenue Skin & Spa NYIf you’re not the adventurous type whose bucket list consists of jumping off bridges and eating insects sold in a Hong Kong marketplace, there are still ways in which you can spread your wings. In speaking with men and women of all ages, one of the things that we have learned is that there is a sense of adventure related to obtaining cosmetic treatments. There are some for whom starting Botox treatment has taken years of contemplation, and there are individuals who are always up for the latest and greatest technologies to promote younger looking skin. Here, we will discuss of a few of the treatments available in our New York City aesthetic medicine practice that are worth trying out this year.


Microneedling is a form of collagen induction therapy. The idea behind this comfortable, convenient procedure is that the tiny microchannels created in the skin will permeate the uppermost layer of cells. In so doing, microneedling provokes collagen to rebuild the fibers that are already there; the ones that have started to fray and weaken. The results of microneedling occur over time, as the structure beneath the skin is regenerated with healthy collagen protein.

Beyond Botox

If you have dipped your foot into the proverbial injectable pool, this year could be the perfect time to expand your horizons. It is possible to achieve a younger aesthetic with Botox, sure, but even more, can be done when you receive customized care from Dr. Sobel to lift and sculpt the entire face. Our Liquid Facelift process is tailored to rejuvenate all areas of the face where aging has taken hold. In addition to minimizing lines on the forehead or around the eyes, this treatment can restore contours to the cheeks, jaw line, and more.


Fat reduction used to mean going under the knife, but not anymore. More and more men and women are discovering their ideal path to a slimmer midsection. In our office, that path is to target unwanted fat cells with selective radiofrequency energy. When absorbed by the fat cell, this energy is transformed into heat. As a result, fat cells are destroyed. The results of non-surgical fat reduction occur over time and are a great complement to a healthy lifestyle.

There are numerous treatments to try out at any time in your journey through life. To start your new regiment, call 212-288-0060.


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