Don’t Let Spider Veins Compromise your Look, Look into Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy NYCPeople may try to say that spider veins are less concerning than varicose veins because they are not painful, nor have they twisted ropes of pooled blood. Yuck. Yes, varicose veins are very concerning. Even if they don’t progress into a ropey mess, varicose veins can be cosmetically alarming and downright painful. However, spider veins are of equal importance when we’re talking about wanting to feel good about how we look.

Removing spider veins for cosmetic reasons means that you care about your appearance and that you want to regain a sense of satisfaction. We’re here to help by offering the right treatment for your needs. Patients of our NYC aesthetic center may explore the options of sclerotherapy and laser vein removal. Here, we provide information about sclerotherapy to help you start discerning between the two.

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a longstanding method of removing spider veins. Treatment involves small injections of a mild chemical agent into the veins that are holding stagnant blood. When this chemical is absorbed into the treated vessels, they collapse, and the blood that would flow through that vein redirects itself elsewhere. Because there is no longer blood in the collapsed veins, they gradually fade away.

Benefits of Sclerotherapy

Since there are other options for eliminating spider veins, it is important to know why each is worth considering. Some of the reasons that patients choose sclerotherapy to include:

  • Sclerotherapy has been performed for decades. This procedure has been studied, and patients themselves have provided valuable feedback which supports the claim that there are few side effects to this treatment, and those that may occur are short-lived. Typical side effects include bruising and itching.
  • We understand that the idea of having injections into delicate veins can seem intimidating. However, patients are made very comfortable during sclerotherapy with nothing more than local numbing medication. That’s how mild this treatment is.
  • Because sclerotherapy takes less than 30 minutes to complete in most cases, there is a great deal of appeal for busy people to consider. Furthermore, there is no down time after treatment, so it is possible to head straight back to work, or a day off to enjoy some much-needed play time.

Discolored webbing on the legs or another area can cause frustration. Let us help you bid them farewell. Call our Park Avenue dermatology and aesthetics practice at 212-288-0060.

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