The methods for slowing down the aging process have shifted in the last few years from the operating room to simpler, non-invasive procedures that fit everyone’s busy lifestyles. Men and women, especially in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, are trying to avoid the scalpel, which often involves I.V. sedation or general anesthesia. The momentum has shifted to in-office cosmetic procedures that do not require any “down time”. Make sure you go to a cosmetic dermatologic surgeon with specific training for all medical and surgical skin concerns.

Dr. Howard Sobel has the tools to improve the signs of aging by using a cocktail of therapies with techniques that do not involve anesthesia and require little or no down time. As we get older, the pull of gravity and the loss of skin elasticity and volume, creates an older, droopy face and the effect of the sun can produce brown, pigmented spots, freckles and annoying red dilated blood. Dr. Howard Sobel can recommend many combinations of in-office procedures in order to give his patients the most natural, youthful look, based on their age, genetics, bone structure and history of sun damage.

Medical Dermatology | Cosmetic Dermatology | Manhattan | NYCThe spa features DDF, Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula, one of the first doctor’s therapeutic skin care line founded and developed by Dr. Howard Sobel. DDF was purchased by Proctor and Gamble which will greatly enhance the company’s ability to be ahead of the curve with their vast research and development team.

Dr. Howard Sobel believes that in addition to the amazing, long lasting results achieved by medical procedures, today’s advanced beauty treatments safely provide non-invasive procedures without any down time or any of the risk associated with scalpel surgery under I.V. sedation or general anesthesia.

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