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DDF Products - Dr. Howard Sobel NYC DermatologistDoctor’s Dermatologic Formula, is a therapeutic skincare line encompassing multiple healthcare disciplines, including dermatology, holistic medicine, nutrition, biology, chemistry and aesthetics, to provide the most comprehensive solutions available without a prescription. Founded by Dr. Howard Sobel, in 1991, it was the first complete doctor skin care line. It was the 1st to use BOTOX® like creams (wrinkle relax) to help improve wrinkles for patients not wanting BOTOX® injections.

The line made it easier for the consumers to treat their skin care concerns at home. We offer a complete line of for all skin conditions. For information or to order our products please check out our skin care site at

History of DDF

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When I first started creating my own formulations in the early 80’s, the term cosmeceuticals was in its infancy stage. Patients were coming to my office not understanding what OTC products to use or using the wrong products for their skin issues. I initially saw a need to effectively take care of my patients and have them leave my office with the correct products and simple instructions for use at home.

I began by using my dermatology skills to find the most efficacious ingredients and then partner with a biochemist to create formulations that would really work. We focused on treating various skin concerns, using the synergistic effect of several active ingredients in each product. My patients, friends and family were all very excited to use a new product, hoping it would be the cure for their skin concern. I received instant feedback, both positive and negative. It was a learning experience as we all worked together to produce the best possible products. Over time, the product line grew. Many of my patients had started purchasing products in bulk to give to their friends and relatives. For the first 10 years, although I received thousands of calls and letters from consumers who wanted to purchase the products, I would only allow patients in my office to order them.

In 1991 I decided to make my products available to the consumer and founded HDS.  It was a difficult decision because I wanted to maintain the same quality control that I had in my office. However, the loyalty and feedback of my patients gave me the desire to create a skincare line that would give the consumer the most efficacious products for their skin care concerns. This is how the DDF concept of skin concern developed: To teach the consumer a new way to think about skin care.

I changed the name of my products from HDS (Howard D. Sobel) to DDF (Doctors Dermatologic Formula) in 1995.  It was my decision to have a more global name that made it clear exactly who we were but always leaving my name as the founder, so the legacy of the company remained clearly linked to the credentials of a renowned N.Y.C. dermatologist. We also started a larger initiative by forming our own lab and securing our own biochemist. I was now able to put an idea (ingredient) into action quickly.

In 1998, DDF become one of the first doctor-formulated skin care lines to partner with Sephora and be prominently displayed. It gave DDF national and international exposure.

DDF never forgot its roots and continued to take the lead on my patients’ concerns. We continued to educate the salespeople at the retail stores as well as providing educational materials for the consumer. DDF changed the way the consumer thought of skincare. We treated the entire range of skincare- Prevention, Maintenance & Treatment. It is easy to take for granted the availability of cosmeceuticals now, but in 1991 DDF paved the way for the most innovative products that we see today.