May your Holidays – and your Skin – be Merry and Bright

skin care new york city | winter skin care nycBy now, Times Square has become the talk of the town, with its enormous lighted tree inviting everyone into the holiday season. This time of year gives us the opportunity to reflect on all that we are grateful for. It prompts us to find joy on every corner, and to connect with friends and loved ones. Another opportunity that we have during this busy season is to indulge in a little extra eating and drinking. While most of us worry ever-so-slightly about how our waistline will hold up to the holidays, we also need to remember that what goes in the body shows in the skin as well.

Here are some holiday favorites that feed your skin

  • We couldn’t be happier that this beloved beverage has been identified for several health benefits. All that tasty goodness is actually good for the skin! Researchers have discovered that coffee beans contain components that substantially lower one’s risk for nonmelanoma skin cancers. This protection starts with your very first cup!
  • The flavinoids in cocoa are good for improving circulation through the blood vessels just beneath the skin. So brew up some homemade cocoa and revel in the afterglow.
  • If you didn’t get enough pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, we’re about to give you more reason to bake one up! The vitamin C in this Winter fruit sends antioxidants into the battle against free radicals (and premature aging). Pumpkin is also high in carotinoids – they’re what give this food it’s rich color.  Carotinoids are beneficial for sun-damaged skin.

Holiday favorites you might want to rethink include:

  • As if we didn’t already have several good reasons to cut back on sugar, here’s another: sugar accelerates collagen breakdown. Many of the holiday treats that are presented to us contain not only sugar but also white flour, which works alongside its cohort to age the skin.
  • The harsh winter weather is hard enough on our skin, we don’t need to make matters worse by overindulging on the holiday cocktails. Alcohol leads to dryer skin because it dehydrates the whole body. It can also cause unwanted flushing.

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