#NoMakeup or not, Here’s how to Get a Natural Glow

skin careWhether or not you follow singer Alicia Keys in her music career or on the hit show The Voice, you may have heard of the new trend that she inadvertently started: the “No Makeup” trend. This is not the same thing as using makeup to look like you’re beautifully bare-faced; it is going makeup free. Completely. Confidently. Bravely. Bravely? Yes. This is the point behind the idea, after all; to rebel against what has recently become a societal norm. To say “I’m beautiful” without layers of makeup, and to feel just that.
Alicia Keys did not set out to start an uprising against the idea that a woman needs to have perfectly accentuated cheekbones or eyes that pop in order to be attractive. She was just doing a photo shoot! What happened, though, is that women around the world responded with a resounding “YES!” This is who we want to be!

Glow from the Inside Out
Contrary to what magazines (and the Kardashians) may be teaching women, it is possible to glow from the inside out. The beauty that stems from within a healthy, vibrant body, after all, is one of the most authentic that there is. This doesn’t mean that you don’t take excellent care of your skin. It still needs sunscreen, a good cleanser, and daily moisturizing. Additionally, you can reveal the best in your skin with professional exfoliating and wrinkle-reducing treatments.

In addition to our spa facials and peel treatments, patients of Park Avenue Skin & Spa can explore skin-refreshing protocols such as:

  • Cellular regeneration with Fraxel Re:store laser treatment.
  • Skin smoothing and brightening with Clear + Brilliant or Clear + Brilliant Perméa.
  • Skin and facial rejuvenation with the eTwo laser.
  • Matrix CO2 laser resurfacing for younger, brighter skin.
  • Microneedling for ongoing maintenance through collagen induction.
    Of course going bare isn’t always about concerns like hyperpigmentation or rough texture. Some of the concerns that are easiest to treat are actually those that makeup can’t hide, anyway.

Fine lines and wrinkles, loss of volume and elasticity, and puffiness around the eyes can all be diminished with a quick, precision injectible treatment.
Might we revert back to the standard of simply letting age take its course? It’s possible. But for now, there are numerous options for looking great without – or with – makeup.
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