What Causes Birthmarks?

Skincare - Dr. Sobel in NYCAlthough many birthmarks naturally fade as time goes on, aging can also be cruel to your skin. What started out as a small birthmark could become a larger and unsightly. Luckily, almost all birthmarks are harmless and are not a sign of a bigger problem.

What Causes Birthmarks?

Birthmarks usually occur thanks to extra pigment in the skin. They can also be caused by blood vessels that are clumped together or improperly formed.

Depending on the type of birthmark and what exactly caused it, the shape, size and color of birthmarks can vary drastically. Most are flat and red or brown, although some are blue or raised.

Potential Treatment

Almost all birthmarks, as mentioned previously, are not a problem. They do not cause any health concerns and are not symptomatic of a bigger problem. However, depending on the color, shape, size, and location of your birthmark, you might choose to get it treated for cosmetic reasons. Or, in the rare circumstance that the birthmark is causing a medical problem, you will need to get it taken care of so as to protect you and your healthy lifestyle.

Potential treatments include medicines, laser therapy, and various surgeries. The most common removal forms are microdermabrasion or pulsed light therapy. Using lasers or light to smooth the skin and even out odd pigmentation is very common and is proving to be very effective. The light acts in similar ways to microdermabrasion. By damaging the upper layer of skin and breaking up the pigmentation underneath, it allows the new skin to form—hopefully without a birthmark.

However, this should be something to take seriously. It is important to remember that it is usually better to just learn to accept your birthmark as a type of beauty. Remember, they are often called beauty marks or angel’s kisses. People probably don’t look at your birthmark the negative way you do.

Harmful Signs

If you have a birthmark—or any other marking, such as a mole—that starts to bleed, itch, change color, or is extraordinarily large, you should get it examined as soon as possible. Rapid changes are a sign that something is wrong, and in that case you will want to get your birthmark or mole removed as soon as possible.

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